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How Video Marketing Can Help Your Brand Thrive in 2024

Updated: Feb 28

A video content creator’s camera, ready to rock 2024

Video marketing has come a long way since its infancy in television advertising. It's now a dynamic tool in the digital marketing strategy toolkit, and you don't need us to tell you that it's absolutely everywhere these days. Just take a moment to think about it. When was the last time a day went by when you didn't watch a single piece of video content? Our guess would be years, and that's simply because video content has become king, queen, and everything in between.

From a business perspective, this is something you need to get on board with. If people aren't watching your video content, then they're watching someone else's, and you're missing out. But don't think of video as just content. It's a dialogue with the audience, unfolding on phones and screens worldwide, making brands more relatable and reachable than ever. Now we've turned our calendars to 2024, video marketing stands at the forefront, not just as a fleeting trend but as a fundamental channel for storytelling, brand engagement, and customer loyalty—cementing its place as an essential in modern brand narratives.

The Impact of Video Marketing

First, let's talk impact and let the numbers do the talking. Recent statistics shed light on the growing significance of video marketing:

  • Online videos clocked a massive 92% audience reach globally in Q3 2023. (Statista).

  • Global internet traffic volumes surged by 24%, primarily driven by video streaming. (Sandvine).

  • Millennials are riding the wave too, with around 14.9% viewing 10-20 hours of online video content each week. (Statista).

  • YouTube's growth has been off-the-charts, boasting around 239 million viewers in the U.S. alone in 2023. (Statista).

As you can see, it's not just you and your timeline. Video marketing is making waves, riding on the back of outreach, engagement, and overall user preference. This data ushers in a new era where video marketing isn't just an option but an integral part of any brand's outreach strategy.

Long-Term Benefits of a Video Marketing Strategy

A laptop and monitor displaying a large video marketing editing project

So, video is everywhere, but how does this actually help your business? What are the long-term benefits and dividends? Why should it be a part of your strategy? Let's break it down:

  1. Increase in Revenue: High-quality video content that resonates with your audience can significantly boost brand awareness and engagement, increasing sales and revenue.

  2. Influence Buying Decisions: Videos have the unique advantage of visually demonstrating products or services, which aids viewers' decision-making process.

  3. Delivers What Customers Want: Whether it's tutorials, onboarding resources, or customer testimonials, video marketing enables brands to deliver the content viewers seek.

  4. Increase Web Traffic: Properly optimised videos with relevant keywords can attract organic traffic from search engines and social media platforms.

  5. Boosts SEO Through Backlinks: Sharing videos on different websites builds backlinks, improving your visibility on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

  6. Boosts Conversions: Engaging visuals and strategically placed calls-to-action in videos can encourage viewers to take specific actions, boosting conversion rates.

  7. Reach Decision Makers Efficiently: Short and informative videos cater to decision-makers preferences, communicating key messages swiftly and effectively.

  8. Enhance Email Campaigns: Emails featuring video content can significantly improve click-through and engagement rates, standing out in crowded inboxes.

  9. Encourages Shares: Creating share-worthy video content increases the chances of viewers actively promoting your content within their networks.

  10. Creates Memorable Experiences: Creative and engaging video content can leave a long-lasting impression on viewers and build stronger relationships with new prospects and existing customers.

Implementation of a well-planned video marketing strategy leverages these benefits to reinforce brand identity, strengthen customer relationships, and ultimately, secure an edge in the digital marketing landscape.

A Lowdown on Video Marketing Strategies

A person using a professional camera to record a marketing video

As you may or may not know, there's not just one type of video your business should use - but several; you should certainly be using a variety to not only keep your target audience engaged but also share your messaging in lots of different ways. The strength of video marketing lies in its diversity—each format serves a unique purpose and resonates differently with various audience segments. Let's explore several video types employed by marketers.

  • Social Media Videos: DollarShaveClub - Our Blades Are F***ing Great Social media platforms are thriving hubs of user engagement, making them perfect for short, entertaining, and share-worthy videos. Brands can use these videos to garner quick attention, encourage sharing and tagging, and showcase brand personality.

  • Product Videos: Introducing Apple Vision Pro These provide visual demonstrations of products, revealing their utility, appearance, and distinction. Benefits can include a detailed product showcase, improved conversion rates, and a reduction in returns and customer complaints.

  • Case Studies: Make this year more efficient with Video case studies create narratives around success stories, endorsing brand credibility. They can illustrate customer satisfaction, lend credibility to your offerings, and demonstrate problem-solving capabilities.

  • Explainer Videos: How does Microsoft Azure work? Convey complex concepts or processes simply and swiftly via explainer videos. These can increase customer comprehension, improve retention of information, and enhance brand reputation.

Video marketing's strength lies in its adaptability and diversity; with the right approach, each video type can become a powerful tool in the marketing machine. Leverage the variety and provide your audience with a video content mix that informs, entertains, and ignites action.

The Trust Building and Educational Properties of Video Marketing

Video marketing transcends mere promotion; it's an educational powerhouse. By bringing complex information to life, brands can:

  • Simplify the learning curve for their audience.

  • Illustrate product benefits and usage clearly.

  • Provide valuable knowledge that establishes expertise.

In terms of trust-building, videos can:

  • Showcase transparent business practices.

  • Offer behind-the-scenes glimpses to humanise the brand.

  • Feature customer testimonials that validate the brand's value proposition.

Ultimately, video content that educates is content that empowers. When viewers feel informed, they're more likely to trust and form lasting connections with the brand.

Key Steps to Creating a Video Marketing Strategy

Planning a video marketing strategy is much like sketching a roadmap; it requires thought and precision. Here's your essential guide:

  1. Determine Your Audience: Start by outlining your target audience. Demographics, interests, and online behaviour all influence the type of content they'll engage with.

  2. Establish Clear Marketing Goals: What's your endgame? Awareness, conversions, or retention? Set clear, measurable marketing objectives to ensure your strategy is goal-oriented.

  3. Create Engaging Content: Align your content with user interests. Make it relatable. Solve problems. Be sure to sprinkle in some fun while you're at it!

  4. Optimise Delivery of Content: Pay attention to SEO. Optimise your video content using relevant keywords, metatags, and descriptions to enhance visibility on search engines.

  5. Choose the Right Channel for Distribution: Think about where your audience resides online. Choose the distribution channel—whether it's YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, or email—it should align with your audience's preferences.

  6. Incorporate Videos on Websites and Landing Pages: Boost the stickiness of your websites and landing pages by embedding relevant videos. This can increase engagement, dwell time, and, eventually, conversions.

Consider these steps as your foundational building blocks for a powerhouse video marketing strategy customised to your brand and audience.


And there we have it - a brief but insightful lowdown of how video marketing should be near the top of your list of effective marketing strategies this year, whether you're opting for a fully-fledged social media campaign or just a video for the homepage of your website.

From constructing trust to educating viewers and boosting conversions, its advantages are there to be seen. If you don't make the most of what it has to offer, you'll miss out.

What's more, whether you're aiming to animate your brand story, launch a social media campaign, or create captivating TV ads, look no further. Vivid Studio, your partner in crafting impactful visual narratives, awaits your brief. Unleash the potential of video with us. Start your journey today.



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