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Design & Animation Services

Animation Production

Animation & Motion Graphics

Animation is a core part of what we do. We love creating brand films, infographic explainer videos, commercials and videos for social media. We have the skills to create storyboard ideas from scratch and an understanding of how these can be brought to life through motion design. We are equally happy working to ideas that have already been designed.

Blue and white branding infographic

Branding & Graphic Design

We have great experience conceiving creative ideas for brand campaigns in both the commercial and corporate sectors. Whether you require a complete rebrand, a brand refresh or new brand guidelines designing, we are able to help you with your brand strategy. We can apply the a new look and feel across multiple touch points both on and off screen.

3d bottle product visualisation

3D Animation and Visualisation 

We work in 3D creating videos to explain how products work and help businesses and brands market their ideas. We create 3D animation for brand marketing videos and opening sequences for tv and live events. We are able to assist with projects both large and small and can advise on the most cost-effective route for 3D production.  

Swimmer brand film concept

Film & Video

We work on films for commercial and corporate clients creating engaging videos for web and broadcast. We partner with creative filmmakers and assist with the post-production aspects of projects such as editing, colour grading and adding motion graphics. Our specialism here is enhancing brand films and adding an element of dynamism and energy. 

Basketball visual effects brand film

Visual Effects

We have experience working in visual effects for television and film. Our team have knowledge of green screen compositing, 3D camera tracking and particle systems. We enjoy the challenge of blending live action footage with 2D and 3D elements, bringing shots together in a seamless and realistic way for large and small scale productions.

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