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Tips for choosing 2d or 3d animation

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

2d or 3d animation

Which style of animation will work for my video?

Many clients ask themselves this question before engaging with an animation company. They want to ensure it serves the intended purpose and gets the necessary reaction from the audience. A professional animation company will be able to advise on a direction for the video based on the client's objectives and goals. Gaining an idea of the overall subject will lead to a decision as to whether 2d or 3d animation will be the most appropriate medium.

There are many factors which will decide the route taken for the animation. For example, if a video is required to explain how effective a new crash helmet is, it would make sense to use a 3d animation. You could imagine the helmet spinning around and dynamically showing the different features. Graphic titles could enhance the video further, detailing individual elements such as the visor, air vents, and even the inside material. Product videos lend themselves well to 3d animation as there is more opportunity to zoom in, rotate and show detail as if it were a real-life object.

On the other hand, 2d animation may be a more appropriate medium for communicating your message. Imagine a technology brand that requires an informative video to help people understand their business. Their brand is clean, modern and vibrant. 2d animation could be a suitable way to bring the brand to life, combining the brand colours with slick transitions to reveal eye-catching photography.

Is 3d animation more effective than 2d animation?

The answer here is that both styles can be very effective in their own right. Finding which one fits your particular campaign is critical. 2d animation can be very compelling. Many brands have refreshed to a clean flat look in recent times. Some brands have simplified 3d logos to cleaner versions to keep in tune with design trends. Without a doubt, there is a place for 2d animation. It's everywhere we look.

Alternatively, people often get excited at the prospect of animation created in 3d. The extra depth and realism can work very well for brands and products. How realistic a 3d animation can be is another area for discussion. With the advancements in animation techniques, access to creative software, talented animators and the power of modern computers, pretty much anything is possible. If you can imagine something, there will almost always be a way to create it.

3d rendered bathroom visualisation

There are many uses for 3d too. All sorts of industries benefit from product videos which can demonstrate how a product works. Product videos can drill down to the detail and effectively explain a product to an audience, making complex things much easier to understand. Industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and construction all have products which require visualising and stories which need communicating. This is where 3d video comes into a world of its own.

Getting the best from my animation budget

Embarking on a new video is an exciting prospect. Being ambitious is great, but it does pay to be realistic and take advice from the pros to understand how to use the available budget most effectively. Some key things to consider along the way are:

. What is the aim of the animation?

. Has a script been written?

. Has a storyboard been created?

. How about brand guidelines?

. Is a voice-over required?

. What size or formats will be needed?

. Will subtitles need to be added?

The more questions answered, the easier it becomes to choose the animation style. A good animation company will be able to suggest answers and also raise particular questions. It makes sense to get all the ideas and objectives out on the table for discussion, plus any visual references which may inspire good starting points for the creative treatment. As with many things, good preparation at the start of the project will eliminate potential issues arising later down the line. It will pave the way for a successful and compelling video.

Animation helps businesses achieve goals

Animation can enable businesses to reach new goals and targets through increased attention and audience engagement. It can also help to galvanise internal teams, bring new products to market, and increase brand exposure. For example, a company could request a video to help explain a new and exciting smartwatch using a 3d product demo animation. This is likely to inspire people to sell the product whilst at the same time attracting potential customers. A 3d product video is a great selling tool to help consumers understand key features.

As an alternative scenario, a business might wish to create an educational video about renewable energy. This could be created using 2d animation, as the theme of the video is more about processes than an individual product. 2d animation lends itself well to subjects with more information to communicate. The animation style would still have a notable impact on the audience, whilst the visual treatment would be modern, flat, graphic and memorable.

Clients naturally want their target audience to react positively to their video. The focus should be on the objectives and purpose of the content. An experienced animation company will be able to help guide and advise businesses through the complete animation production process from start to finish. The result should be a well-crafted video, both on brand and on point, helping brands and businesses meet their desired goals.


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